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    The history of Lloyd’s itself can be traced back to Edward Lloyd’s original Coffee House which was established in the 17th century. By 1811, the Committee of Lloyd’s decided that a network of Agencies should be established to protect the interests of Underwriters.

    The Agencies system developed quickly from its inception and by the middle of the 19th century, a network of more than 300 Agents had been established. That figure now stands at 340 with a similar number of Sub-Agents. The geographical spread of Lloyd’s Agencies is kept under constant review reflecting the changing patterns in world trade. This ensures that Agencies are situated in nearly all of the main ports and commercial centres around the world.

    Lloyd’s Agencies now serve the interests of many of the world’s leading insurance companies and particularly those specialising in marine business. Many of these insurers entrust Lloyd’s Agencies with authority to adjust and settle claims on their behalf, thereby providing assureds and consignees with an on-the-spot service that is unbeatable in terms of access and simplicity.

    Lloyd’s Agencies form the world’s most extensive surveying and adjusting network. There are more than 680 Lloyd’s Agents and Sub-Agents located in 175 countries around the world. They provide 24-hour year-round services to the global insurance industry and its customers. Lloyd’s Agents are appointed on the basis of their:

    • Proven expertise and experience in marine surveying, particularly cargo. Their skills also extend to other classes such as non-marine, aviation and even personal lines such as travel insurance.

    • Expertise, integrity and local standing. Lloyd’s Agencies are generally well-established businesses and enjoy excellent reputations in their local communities.

    • Willingness to comply with stringent service levels when conducting surveys or adjusting claims, thereby ensuring that their customers receive the highest standard of service.

    • Participation in the continuous training and development programmes managed by the Lloyd’s Agency Department in London. These are aimed primarily at improving the basic skills of cargo surveyors. Additional initiatives are continually being introduced in order to enhance existing skills to ensure that Lloyd’s Agencies meet the insurance and trade demands of the 21st century.

    • Access to in-house staff surveyors and detailed knowledge of local independent experts for cases when specialist knowledge is needed.

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